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 Since 2012, Infinito Partners, a team of professionals well-versed in their industry, is dedicated to help grow several mid-market businesses in DFW.  Infinito Partners is an extension to Infinity Management which already offers accounting and finance services. Through Infinito Partners our scope of services extends to areas that are complementary to business operations such as: business development, marketing & sales, human resources, and staffing & recruiting. 


Our team is an advocate of our mid-market clients to be competitive through growth and expansion.  In the last 20 years, we have seen shifts in business operations mainly reducing workforce to meet budgetary demands.  It is with current business operation challenges that we at Infinito Partners would like to take the opportunity to assist with out-sourced professional services.  


That is why we are excited to bring on our A-team of professionals ready to listen and consult with your C-level professionals.  Allow us to recommend "The Bridge" Program. We want to see your business gain strength in the market, we want to see you stay relevant.  

Our "A" Team

Eduardo Medellin

Accounting and Finance


Over 25 years of experience in

Small Business Management and Business Development.

In 2000, I launched Infinito Management.

Since then I have helped several companies organize

themselves and grow in DFW and Mexico.

I believe in delivering action-based plans

that address specific growth opportunities for the business.


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Ivan Pascual

Human Resources


I'm known as the "go-getter".  

I have been assisting businesses for almost 10 years.  

I analyze your human resource needs and

after having a clear understanding of what you need

I match you with the best service provider. 

Best part is my recommendation is a

personalized fit with your budget.


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Jon Rice



With 35 years as a marketing professional,

I almost know marketing.

I have been helping companies grow

through strategic insights and innovative creative solutions.

I am known for successfully navigating brands

through significant changes in their business environment

by aligning marketing strategy with effective tactics.


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Patricia Salazar

Brand Development


Ten years in Marketing,

I know a few things

about market trends and consumer behavior. 

A social media content writer,

who wants to take your

marketing to the next level.


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